viernes, 19 de noviembre de 2010

Hillsong Live Album 2011 [New Songs]

The album recording has already been!

Therefore new songs are to come out here some of them...

Hillsong UNITED album A F T E R M A T E [15th February]
-Go [Giving It All]

Hillsong Live Album

-Go [Giving It All]/ Damos Todo
-Narrow Road/El Camino Estrecho
-Unending Love/Amor Eterno
-Alive In Us/Vivo en nosotros
-God Is Able/Dios es Poderoso
-You're With Us/ Estas con nosotros
-The Difference/La Diferencia
-Lord Over Everything/Dios sobre todo
-You Are More/ Eres Mas
-You Will Never Fail/No fallarás

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Hope u enjoy it! Please comment it

Wait for more... coming soon.

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